2024 AVATR 12

The battery pack in the 2024 AVATR 12 is the CATL Qilin, a Cell to Pack design and in this case using NMC chemistry. The battery pack has a total energy of 94.5kWh and is described “Adaptive to DC fast charging piles with charging voltage of 450 V~900 V”.

What appears to be a computer generated image of the battery pack and unusually for what we thought was a ground up new platform has gaps in the pack rails for service lifts or jacking points on the car.

The images of the battery pack from the manufacturers website [1] shows two very different cell configurations and two cell orientations.

AVATR 12 battery pack
Cell configuration 96s1p
Cell configuration 168s1p(?)

The maximum charging power is given as 240kW at 750V.

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The images of the battery pack in the body structure show empty volumes in the four corners.

A more data is required before we can piece together this battery pack. Will be great to see how well an NMC chemistry works in a cell to pack design and how it passes the thermal runaway requirements.


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