Having worked for a major vehicle OEM for over 30 years and the last 14 years in electrification including battery research and conceptual design it was time to do something different.

In the daytime that is consulting on battery design. In spare time that is building batterydesign.net to be a place to share information, knowledge and ideas.

However, it’s not all about me. The site now has lots of people who contribute articles, posters and information. If you would like to write a post on a technical subject then please do drop me a line: nigel@batterydesign.net

Aims of Battery Design

  • a central resource for battery designers
  • fundamental pages explaining the physics
  • posts that give you an overview of the fundamentals
  • lists of suppliers and manufacturers of cells, parts and complete packs
  • free to use, free to post and free benchmarking data
    • the background excel and calculation sheets might be available but with a small subscription….still thinking about these
  • references that take you to another level of understanding
    • just written a new paper that changes our thinking? write a short brief and share with us along with a link to the paper and your research group
  • posts accepted from individuals, academics, institutions, manufacturers, consultancies and OEM’s
    • designed a new thermal interface material? why not write a post about it and share the technical data along with links to you website for more information?
  • Support BatteryDesign.net by sharing and contributing or support / sponsor our pages

from chemistry to pack


The site is organized by system and function, thus making it easy for you to find information. When you think about designing a battery pack you think at cell, module, BMS and pack level ↑. However, you need to also rapidly think in terms of: electrical, thermal, mechanical, control and safety →. Looking at the problem from different angles will help to ensure you don’t miss a critical element. This is what BatteryDesign.net is all about.