Audi PPE – Premium Platform Electric

Audi Premium Platform Electric

From 2026, Audi will only launch new all-electric models, the Audi PPE – Premium Platform Electric is their move to an 800V system and a consolidation on the number of parts.

This presentation was given to a UBS investor meeting over a year ago, but worth looking at as it shows the Audi strategic thinking.

The Audi e-tron GT quattro was the 800V flagship launched in 2021 with pouch cells from LG Chem, a complex battery shape with double stacked modules and foot bins for the second row. This was the J1 Performance platform shared with Porsche.

This new platform is designed to work across the VW Group, from B to D segment and for Sedans and SUV’s. This is a huge ask for one bill of design. However, with the pressure on material availability and hence costs every car manufacturer is looking for volume.

Audi Premium Platform Electric
Audi Premium Platform Electric

This PPE platform appears to be taking elements from the J1 platform and the more mainstream MEB.

Audi Premium Platform Electric
battery pack generations

Pack generations

When we look at automotive battery pack design there have been a number of pack generations. The general theme is to simplify and hence reduce the cost.

This suggests that Audi are not going all the way to Cells to Pack as shown by BYD and CATL. Or to the extremely large modules and structural pack of the Tesla with the 4680 cell.

However, this appears to be a more measured and thought through design that allows VW Group to design multiple vehicles off the same basic parts bin. Hopefully this will be better for repair and recycling than the Tesla foam filled 4680 based design.

PowerCo Unified Cell – a vision from VW to simplify it’s battery packs with one cell design that works across more than 80% of it’s products.

Is this the cell in the PPE architecture of the future?


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Porsche Macan EV PPE Platform

Porsche Macan PPE

An early look at the Porsche Macan PPE based EV. Porsche released a number of images and a video of the platform.

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