Photo Etching

ACE busbars

Whether prototyping or creating busbars for production runs we often want high quality parts and this is where photo etching comes into it’s own. Advanced Chemical Etching take us through the process of photo etching and how this can be used to create high quality aluminium or copper parts. We are concentrating on busbars, but … Read more

Proving new Chemistry

cellerate system

One of the fundamental steps in proving new chemistry is making small cells that can be reliably charged and discharged. These small cells are assembled in argon filled gloveboxes. They are small and very fiddly to assemble. However, they need to be precisely built to reduce variation in data caused from physical mis-alignment of electrodes which … Read more

Smart Battery Development

smart battery design

Prof James Marco WMG Energy Group Significant advances have been made in recent years in our understanding of the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), their degradation, safety, manufacturability and recyclability – in part, through innovations in experimental methods and mathematical modelling. WMG is at the heart of this research through our involvement in projects … Read more

Mileage equals Wear

Mileage equals Wear

Authors: Dr Kotub Uddin & Nigel Taylor When we look at this picture, we see the over-simplicity of the ‘mileage equals wear’ mindset. Figure 1 shows reported SOH as a function of miles-driven for Nissan Leaf EVs. Similar distributions are reported by Myall and co-authors [1] who analysed 1382 reported SOH data points from 283 … Read more

NMC 9.5.5 for Li Ion Batteries

NMC 9.5.5 for Li Ion Batteries

Synthesis, Scale up, and Optimisation of NMC 9.5.5 for Li-Ion Batteries. Ethan Williams, David Burnett, Peter Slater, Emma Kendrick School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, Elms Rd, Birmingham B15 2SE Abstract LiNi0.9Mn0.05Co0.05O2 (NMC-955) have been synthesized by a coprecipitation reaction followed by a two step firing process. Increasing the firing load and tuning … Read more

Digital Twin of a Battery Module

Battery module construction.

Including the Impact of Bus Bar Design and Weld Quality Electrochemical Cell Model and Current Distribution Busbar Model Authors: Yaxing Ren, W. Dhammika Widanage, James MarcoWMG, University of Warwick Abstract We have developed a module scale model of the different electrical pathways within a commercially representative busbar design for cells connected in series and parallel. … Read more