Weld Mechanical and Electrical Properties

weld strength versus resistance

Is there a relationship netween weld mechanical and electrical properties? The basic conclusion is that low electrical resistances were found to correlate with high mechanical strengths of the welds. Correlation between electrical resistance and tensile strength for welds produced with (blue markers) and without (red markers) spatial beam oscillation. [1] This post has been built … Read more


BYD Shark PHEV - transparent vehicle showing driveline

Not many details around the BYD Shark PHEV, but worth sharing what we know. The image shows a rectangular battery pack, typical of the BYD Blade design. This uniform shape keeps the cost low, but will challenge the packaging of the driveline and in particular propshafts. A north-south configured 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine and … Read more

Benchmarking Battery Pack Volume

BYD Seal battery pack scaled to estimate dimensions

Benchmarking battery pack volume is difficult as not many manufacturers give you a volume or even basic dimensions. This means we have to hunt for the data. Metrics In some cases manufacturers make a claim for the pack volumetric energy density. If you know the total energy the volume is easy to calculate: Scaling Sometimes … Read more

Electrolyte Fill Requirements

Lithium ion cell

What are the electrolyte fill requirements for a cell versus chemistry, capacity, format, lifetime and other parameters? The electrolyte is the medium that allows ionic transport between the electrodes during charging and discharging of a cell. Electrolytes in lithium ion batteries may either be a liquid, gel or a solid. Lithium batteries use non-aqueous electrolytes … Read more