Cybertruck 48V Auxiliary Battery vs. 12V & 16V

Tesla Cybertruck

Recently, Caresoft did a video with the Autoline Network Youtube channel regarding Tesla’s design evolution, in this video they also discuss & compare various low voltage batteries i.e. auxiliary batteries from various vehicles. So let’s discuss the interesting insights shared there. 12V Ford Bronco: The Ford Bronco battery is a lead-acid 23kg(50 pounds) battery, we … Read more

Cybertruck Battery Pack Structural Analysis

The Munro Live Youtube channel tore down a Cybertruck vehicle below are some insights and highlights for the vehicle’s battery pack. The Cybertruck battery pack uses Tesla’s 2nd generation 4680 form factor cells and the battery pack also is a structural element of the vehicle. The seats are directly attached to the battery pack which … Read more