Battery Assembly Times

A look at battery assembly times based on available reports and data.

Cell to Module

The Peugeot e208 pack is rather complex looking, but the module is a quite standard 12 prismatic cells in an aluminium box.

  • 18 modules, 12 prismatic cells in each
  • Total assembly time [1] = 75 to 120 minutes
  • Assembly time per module ~ 4 to 7 minutes/module

Module to Pack

The Peugeot e208 battery consists of 18 modules assembled into what is a complex battery envelope.

Hence we should be cautious with this assembly time as this would be worst case.

Image from FEV flyer for their teardown report [2].

  • 60 minutes for 50 kWh batteries
  • 90 minutes for 75 kWh batteries

End of Line Pack Testing

  • 15 minutes of testing per battery before installation in the vehicle:
    • functional
    • performance
    • leakage testing

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