Battery Cell Manufacturers and Logos

In this Page, you will find a list of various Battery Cell Manufacturers, their logos and website links. Also included is a brief description about their capabilities and products.

A123 Systems logo

A123 Systems

Manufacture cells with LFP and NMC chemistries. Also, engineer and manufacture at module and complete pack level.

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acc logo

Automotive Cells Company (ACC)

Saft, Stellion and Opel have joined forces to make cells with a huge ambition to be The European battery manufacturer.

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altairnano logo


Very high charge / discharge battery cells based on lithium titanate oxide (LTO) materials

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amte power logo

AMTE Power

Able to make small batch runs of new chemistries to prove their capability. Bridging the valley between lab and full-scale production

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aspilsan energy logo

Aspilsan Energy

Turkey’s First Lithium-Ion Battery Production Facility. Production starts in June 2022. Model: 18650 Capacity: 2800mA

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BAK logo

BAK Energy

Cylindrical, prismatic and polymer batteries, battery packaging and battery solutions.

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Britishvolt logo


Gigafactory in UK with planned production start at the end of 2023.

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BYD logo


BYD is a car, bus and train company that makes battery cells, modules and complete packs. These are used in their own products and sold to lot of other OEMs.

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  • Blade – the cell to pack design based on LFP that achieves 150Wh/kg at launch. Used in the BYD Han.

CALB logo

CALB China Aviation Lithium Battery

Specializes in lithium iron phosphate batteries & battery materials, BMS, energy storage batteries and related integrated products for: Automotive, commercial vehicles, grid storage and specialist vehicles.

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CATL logo

CATL Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited

Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company founded in 2011 that specializes in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

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Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Cell manufacturing covers a lot of specialist areas and hence there is a range of equipment suppliers. The cell manufacturing process is laid out in 14 steps covering everything from mixing chemicals, dryers, printing and electrical testing. This then breaks down again, requiring equipment and supporting equipment, building infrastructure and software.

Cell manufacturing equipment

CBAK logo

CBAK Energy

Founded in August 2001, is a global leading high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of high-power lithium batteries. Our products include prismatic battery in aluminum case, polymer battery, cylindrical batteries and so on, and the applications of our products and solutions cover such areas as light electric vehicles, electric vehicles, electric buses, energy storage, backup power supply and electric tools, etc.

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CosMX logo


Three production bases in Zhuhai, Chongqing, Zhejiang and has established a factory in India. COSMX is one of worldwide major suppliers of consumer polymer soft pouch lithium-ion batteries, and has long served world’s well-known customers in the field of notebook computers, tablet computers, smart phones, smart wearables, power tools, drones and others.

Now CosMX has entered the fields of high-end electric motorcycles, automotive start-up batteries, energy storage, passenger vehicle BEV and high-voltage energy storage. 

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EAS logo


Designed and manufactured in Germany, EAS produces high performance cells using patented production processes.

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electrochem solutions logo

Electrochem Solutions

Cells through to packs and chargers, custom power solutions for critical applications where energy demands are high, operating conditions are extreme, and the cost of failure is significant.

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Envision-AESC logo


The battery company that was a Nissan and NEC joint venture. These cells are in over 600,000 vehicles as of 2021 and applied in numerous other applications.

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Eurocell is building a European gigafactory to supply world-leading production-ready batteries by 2023.

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EVE logo


Primary lithium battery producer that sell under a number of different product names. Also make rechargeable cells in all formats and a few different chemistries.

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FAAM logo


Plant in Teverola, Italy has an initial installed capacity of about 300 Mwh/year of lithium cells and is designed to be expanded over time according to market demand.

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farasis logo


Pouch cell manufacturer.

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FDK Logo


Primary and secondary battery manufacturer. Covering: Ni-MH, Lithium and Alkaline batteries. Produced in coin, cylindrical and pouch formats.

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Frey logo

Frey Battery

LFP based cell chemistry in prismatic format. This company develops cells, modules and packs for the mining trucks, rail and airport vehicles.

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Freyr logo


Planning to develop up to 43 GWh of battery cell production capacity by 2025

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Goxuan High-tech logo

Goxuan High-Tech

Cell, module and pack manufacturing and supply. Also able to supply everything from chemistry, BMS etc.

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GS Yuasa logo

GS Yuasa

Lead acid, NiCd and Lithium battery cells, modules and packs for application in: aerospace, automotive, deep sea, power supply and satellites.

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Guangzhou Great Power logo

Guangzhou Great Power

Major products, including rechargeable batteries such as Ni-MH, Polymer Li-ion, Li-ion and battery pack, primary batteries such as Li-Fes2, Li-MnO2,Zinc-air2,are extensively applied in various areas.

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iM3NY logo


Cell production started at the end of 2021. Cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte are all made in the USA. Full production line running April 2022.

Prismatic cell. New chemistry: BMLMP (cobalt and Nickel free, 200Wh/kg energy density improving to 230Wh/kg). Production starting in April is 400Mwh/yr and then ramping 250MWh every quarter to reach 1.8GWh by Q3 2023

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inobat logo

Inobat Auto

Specialist battery manufacturer. All cells are lithium-ion and based on nickel-rich chemistry. Both chemistry and form factor are fully variable and can be rapidly adapted and configured to meet precise customer needs.

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Scheduled to open in 2024, the Italvolt site will cover more than 300,000 m2, is expected to employ around 3,000 people and have a production capacity of up to 45 GWh per year, making it one of the largest factories of its kind in the world.

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kokam logo


High power lithium pouch cells with very low internal resistance. Also have a high energy range of cells that even so have quite a high power capability.

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LG Chem logo

LG Chem

They began R&D in lithium batteries in 1995 and began mass production of battery cells in 1999. LG Chem process the raw materials for the cathode themselves. They make and supply cells, modules, packs and complete systems.

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Lishen Logo


Nearly 1000 different cells: cylindrical battery, prismatic battery, power battery, polymer battery, photovoltaic, ultra-capacitor.

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microvast logo


Manufacture cells, VDA format modules, BMS and bespoke packs for: Automotive, commercial vehicles, consumer electronics and grid storage.

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Molicel logo


High performance cell manufacturer in 18650 and 21700 format.

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morrow battery logo


Giga scale battery factory being built in the South of Norway.

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Narada logo


Main business is the development, manufacturing, sales and service of communication backup, motive power and renewable energy storage batteries and accessories as also their system integration.
Products are VRLA Lead Acid batteries, Lithium-ion cells and batteries and related components and subsystems.

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Natron Energy logo

Natron Energy

Sodium Ion battery that uses Prussian Blue with designs for backup power supplies in data centres, grid storage and EV charging.

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Northvolt logo


Relatively new company and new to battery cell production. Based on a strong environmental base to use renewable energy in production. Targeting 150GWh of cell production by 2030.

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Panasonic Logo


One of the broadest lines of rechargeable batteries in the industry, their product line includes: Lithium-Ion, Lithium Coin, Nickel Metal Hydride, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries and more. The battery design behind Tesla.

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  • Toyota Prius Gen 2 Battery – As a battery design goes, the Toyota Prius Gen 2 Battery is rather inspirational, if just because of the number made. Air-cooled with waste cabin air and has been tested with a 159,000 miles on the clock with a SoH of >82%.

phi4tech logo


Experts in nanotechnology with a 10GWh factory planned to be built in Extremadura, Spain.

Plan is for a next-generation battery and supercapacitor hybrid.

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prime planet energy solutions logo

Prime Planet Energy & Solutions

A Toyota and Panasonic joint venture battery company. 21 January 2019: Toyota Motor Corporation and Panasonic Corporation agree to establish a joint venture company specializing in automotive prismatic batteries.

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routejade logo

Route Jade

Custom made cells to very unique shapes to match your application.

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Saft logo


Saft make battery cells with three chemistries: nickel, primary lithium, and rechargeable lithium. Market sectors from renewables to mobility, from aerospace to rail, and from data centers to IoT.

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Samsung SDI logo

Samsung SDI

Electronics giant founded in 1970. Produce cells, modules and packs for major OEM’s and for their own products.

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sinowatt logo


Focus on the research and manufacture of 18650 and 26650 cylindrical cell and system.

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SK Innovation logo


SK On covers the entire value chain for battery production from electrodes and separators to battery cells and packs.

Previously SK Innovation, now known as SK On with the spin-off of the battery company.

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solid power logo

Solid Power

Developer of next-generation all-solid-state battery technology. With considerably higher energy and greatly improved safety, all-solid-state batteries have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets.

Credibility looks good based on a wide array of blue chip investors.

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Sunwoda logo


Pouch, prismatic and cylindrical cell manufacturer.

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SVOLT logo


Battery cells and their cell chemistry, modules and high-voltage storage systems (packs) as well as battery management systems (BMS) and software solutions.

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Tafel logo


Cell, module and pack manufacturer.

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Toshiba logo


Prismatic cells for high power and high energy applications. Toshiba product line up includes cells, modules, industrial packs and most of the components requuired in a battery pack design.

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Varta logo


Micro batteries, consumer cells, industrial and consumer energy storage through to advanced lead acid batteries for the automotive, commercial, leisure and grid storage markets.

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vehicle energy japan logo

Vehicle Energy Japan

Cells and modules for HEV applications, hence high power.

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Verkor logo


Founded in 2020 with the sole ambition of fast-tracking low‑carbon battery production in France, to serve the European market.

16GWh factory by the end of 2024.

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XALT Energy

XALT Energy

NMC/G chemistry and a low impedance cell design in a pouch cell format. XALT can supply cells, modules and packs.

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