Blade Cells

The BYD Blade cell or perhaps more importantly is the deletion of the module and move to cell to pack. This is basically a prismatic cell, but with a very particular design,

An enabler for LFP chemistry and low cost EV battery packs.

blade cell format

The blade cell has a high aspect ratio and has been designed to maximise the energy that can be put into an LFP battery pack.

BYD Blade Pack

The key to this Blade design are the very long cells that stretch across the width of the automotive pack.

The image shows the top panel removed and the faint lines show the ~100 to 120 cells running across the pack.

blade and prismatic cell aspect ratios

Blade or Prismatic

What makes a Blade or Prismatic cell what it is? Blade cells are long, thin and have a terminal at each end. But so do some prismatic cells.

What is interesting is that although there is a blade cell that is clearly different, there is overlap between a number of the blade cells and the more extreme prismatic cells.

Update to Cell Orientation

BYD Seal Battery

With the update of the battery pack design and integration the cell orientation has changed. Originally the cells ran across the pack from the left to right side (east-west). e-Platform 3.0 has changed this so the cells now run front to back (north-south).