Battery Pack Volume

Often it is difficult to estimate the battery pack volume, hence here is an approximation based on data fitting.

Hence a first approximation is that the battery pack volume will be 5x the total energy in kWh. A 100kWh battery would have a volume of 500 litres. If this was a design optimised for volume we would expect the pack volume to be 350 to 400 litres for the 100kWh pack.

Extending the database and looking at the upper and lower trends we see quite a wide variation across the applications. Some packs are not so worried about volume, whereas there are some applications where smaller battery volume can have a clear advantage.

Pack volume versus total energy
BYD Seal battery pack scaled to estimate dimensions

Benchmarking Battery Pack Volume

Benchmarking battery pack volume is difficult as not many manufacturers give you a volume or even basic dimensions. This means we have to hunt for the data.

Here are some ideas.

Pack Mass Estimation

Battery pack mass estimation is a key parameter required early in the conceptual design. There are a number of key reasons for estimating the mass, one of the main ones being the significant percentage it is of the overall mass of the complete system.

This calculator uses benchmark data to estimate the mass of everything other than the cells.

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