Benchmarking Battery Pack Volume

Benchmarking battery pack volume is difficult as not many manufacturers give you a volume or even basic dimensions. This means we have to hunt for the data.


In some cases manufacturers make a claim for the pack volumetric energy density. If you know the total energy the volume is easy to calculate:

battery pack volume equation


Sometimes you get images of the battery pack. An example is the image below of the BYD Seal, built off the BYD e-Platform 3.0.

BYD Seal battery pack scaled to estimate dimensions

The issue with this is that there is persperctive on the CAD image. Hence we have to estimate the track width based on an average position between top and bottom surface of the tyre.

In this case they have also given the wheelbase and wheel tracks (front and rear). Hence we can scale the image and work out that 1 pixel has width and height of 1.95mm. The width and length of the battery case (not including attachment beams) was then estimated as 1308mm x 1990mm. We also were given the fact that the pack is 110mm in height. Hence the volume = 1308 x 1990 x 110mm = 286 litres.

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The volume estimate is added to our pack database and shared in the detailed pack benchmarks. It is important when collecting this data to show the origin, in the database we use a simple red-amber-green to show if it is an estimate, calculated based on manufacturer data or declared by the manufacturer.

pack volume vs total energy

With enough data it is possible to use that to then estimate an upper and lower pack volume given the total energy.

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