The Rimac Group, led by CEO Mate Rimac. Based in the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia, with locations around Europe, and as of 2023 employs more than 2,000 people.

Cell Manufacturing

46xx – Rimac announced [1] in September 2023 that they would develop battery packs using EVE 46xx cells and form a joint cell production facility in Europe that would produce cells from 2027.

Rimac image of how a battery could look using 46xx cells

Energy Storage

Rimac SineStack grid storage system

SineStack – this is Rimac’s first move into grid storage.

Vehicle Battery Packs

Koenigsegg Regera Battery
  • Koenigsegg Regera – uses a 4.5kWh PHEV battery designed by RIMAC
  • Rimac Nevera – a 1.4MW battery in this hypercar is no mean feat of engineering.
Rimac Nevera battery pack


  1. Rimac Technology and EVE Energy announce collaboration on battery cell production, Rimac Media