Benchmarking Modules

What do you need to know when benchmarking modules? This is all part of our thought process so that we can start to pull together the data you need.

Hence, a high level list:

  • Dimensions
    • width, length, height
    • weight
    • fixing centres
    • fixing size
  • Cells in series and parallel
    • #S #P
  • Cell
    • make
    • model
    • nominal capacity
    • nominal voltage
    • nominal energy
    • weight
  • Electrical interconnects between cells
    • cross-section
    • material
  • Voltage sense harness
    • number of sensing points
    • total module voltage
  • Temperature sensors
    • number of sensors
    • type of sensor
    • location of sensors
  • Local control board for sensing
    • functions: temperature, voltage, balancing
    • local capability
    • connections
    • connectore
  • Mechanical system to hold all of the cells – for pouch and prismatic cells the module will need to apply pressure over the lifetime of the cells to support their operation.
    • BOL pre-load
    • EOL load
    • cell expansion design
    • cell expansion thickness
    • cell expansion material
    • venting
    • vent locations
  • Heating/cooling interface
    • internal or external
    • area
  • Servicing

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What have we missed?

What should we look for?

The end result is that this benchmarking modules list will form the basis for our Module Benchmarking pages going forward.

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