Whenever you look at a new design of pack it is important to some benchmarking of that design in the context of other packs. Any new pack will be measured against some key pack metrics and hopefully using a standard list of benchmarking data. Hence a key part of is to collect together some of the benchmarking material available for some of the important packs.



  • GEN 6 Battery System – this introduces the 4695 and 46120 cylindrical cells, due to be launched in 2025.


  • Blade – the cell to pack design based on LFP that achieves 150Wh/kg at launch. Used in the BYD Han.


  • Qilin CTP 3.0 – CATL’s latest design for cell to pack. CATL suggests that this integrated system can increase the energy density to 255Wh/kg for ternary battery systems (NMC, NMCX etc), and 160Wh/kg for LFP battery systems.



Formula E

General Motors

  • Ultium – the new battery pack architecture from which GM will develop 30 new EV’s with a total volume of 1 million cars a year by 2025.
    • GMC Hummer EV – the first vehicle that uses the Ultium battery architecture.


  • Regera – 4.5kWh PHEV battery designed by RIMAC

Lucid Motors

  • Air Dream Edition
  • Air Grand Touring
  • Air Touring


  • eActros Trucks
    • eActros 300 and 400 – 2 and 3 axle electric trucks using a modular battery pack design
    • eActros LongHaul – 600kWh in 3 packs and a change to LFP from NMC used in the previous eActros packs
  • EQ – the new all electric cars from Mercedes


  • MG Rubik’s Cube Battery – the SAIC MG Rubik’s Cube battery is an interesting battery pack design. A rectangular and flat section pack designed to work in the Nebular vehicle platform. This platform covers a lot of vehicles from A-class to D-class and saloon, SUV, MPV and sports.


  • Leaf
    • 2010 Leaf 24kWh – the iconic EV first produced in December 2010
    • 2015 Leaf 30kWh – the upgrade in energy was achieved with the LG Chem 43Ah cell and an increase in the number of cells in a module from 4 to 8.
    • 2017 Leaf 40kWh
    • 2019 Leaf 62kWh




  • R1T – A Nice compact 144 kWh Battery pack with 9 Modules (7776 Cells) 21700 Samsumg 50G.



  • Prius 2004 Gen 2 battery pack (1.3kWh NiMh) – this was in the 2004 Prius and is an old pack design, but based on the number of packs made and the success of the Prius HEV this is an important design and benchmark.
  • Mirai 2020 battery pack (1.24kWh Li-Ion)
  • All-Solid State – vehicle licensed for road use August 2020