Blade or Prismatic

What makes a Blade or Prismatic cell what it is? Blade cells are long, thin and have a terminal at each end. But so do some prismatic cells.

blade cell format
Blade Cell
prismatic cell
Prismatic Cell

Is it the ratio of the side dimensions? The following graph shows data from the Cell Database where we have plotted the ratio between the middle dimension and the smallest dimension versus the ratio of the maximum dimension and the minimum dimension.

Essentially this compares the two other dimensions of a cuboid to the smallest dimension.

blade and prismatic cell aspect ratios

What is interesting is that although there is a blade cell that is clearly different, there is overlap between a number of the blade cells and the more extreme prismatic cells.

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Is this the cell manufacturers pushing the dimensions of the prismatic cells and exploiting some of the benefits of the blade higher aspect ratio?

Or is this just the automotive demand for a lower pack height?

I’m sure I have missed a detail of the design that sets the blade format apart from a prismatic, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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