BMW Gen5 Battery System

The current batch of electric vehicles built on the BMW Gen5 Battery System. This design needs to survive until BMW swap to the Gen 6 design in 2025.

The battery packs in the BEV and PHEV applications across SUV and Sedan platforms uses prismatic cells from Samsung SDI and CATL in a number of sizes. The modular approach is designed for repair and 2nd life.

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An example of this BMW Gen5 battery system design is the battery pack in the ix3.

2021 iX3 80kWh

This is an OK performance, the Tesla Model Y 4680 pack is at 161Wh/kg. The 2021 Tesla Model 3 21700 based pack is at 171Wh/kg and 860W10s/kg.

Hence appears that BMW is playing catchup with the Gen5 battery pack design.

BMW Group has partnered with German recycling specialist Duesenfeld to establish a method that can achieve a recycling rate of up to 96% of the materials –including graphite and electrolytes.

The First-Ever BMW iX3. Test Drives October 2020.


  • 2020 iX3
  • 2021 i4
  • 2022 i7
  • 2023 i5


  2. The First-Ever BMW iX3. Test Drives October 2020.
  3. Here is a video explaining the BMW fifth generation electric drivetrain, BMWBLOG

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