CATL 46145 LFP

CATL 46145 LFP battery cell specifications

Not many details of the CATL 46145 LFP cell as yet. However, it’s worth sharing as we know already that CATL are lined up to supply 46xx cells for the 2025 BMW Gen6 packs. The specifications appear in this CATL document that lists the basic parameters for their UPS Battery Rack System [1]. This post … Read more

Mercedes AMG HPB80

Mercedes AMG HPB80 energy and power graphic

The Mercedes AMG HPB80 is a dielectric cooled PHEV battery pack. First introduced in detail by Mercedes in 2021 this battery pack is worth a more detailed review. We know a number of the specifications for this pack and hence can estimate others. However, we do not know the cell that is used in this … Read more

2024 Hyundai Ionic 5 N

Hyundai Ioniq 5 n

The 2024 Hyundai Ionic 5 N has revised battery chemistry to increase it to 84kWh. The battery operates at a nominal 697V and can deliver a peak of 585kW. Note: details of the pack and cell are very limited, hence we would like to find more data from which we can build estimates and model … Read more

2020 Volvo XC40 Recharge

see through rendering of Volvo XC40 so you can see the electric drivetrain

The 2020 launch of the Volvo XC40 Recharge was in FWD and AWD. The battery pack usable energy options were 67kWh and 75kWh. China vehicles use a CATL prismatic cell and the rest of the world used an LG pouch cell. This later changed with Australia also getting the CATL based design. This post has … Read more

BYD Blade Nail Penetration Test

BYD nail penetration test of their blade cell

The BYD Blade cell is an overall design philosophy that enables high system level energy density with LFP chemistry. This is enabled by assembling the cells all together at pack level, creating a Cell to Pack design. The BYD blade cell to pack design is interesting as it has been designed by a company that … Read more


Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck hasn’t been officially launched yet. It missed yet another internal Launch Target of Q3 2023. But it looks like we will start soon seeing them on the road. Tesla Cybertruck Battery pack is already being discussed in various forums. Recent Q2 Earnings call gave us the term “Cybercell” aka 4680 Gen 2. In … Read more

Rivian Max Battery Pack

The Rivian Max battery pack has been mentioned in many articles as 180kWh. However, Rivian have now released details of the upgrade and it is a cell upgrade from the Samsung 50G to the 53G. Summary Note: in addition it appears that Rivian have made some efficiency gains and hence the numbers are not completely … Read more

Rimac SineStack

Rimac SineStack grid storage system

This is Rimac’s first move into the stationary energy storage market, their first product is the SineStack. The interesting aspects of this design is the integrated inverter, active balancing and the ability to switch the load on a module basis to extend the working lifetime. Specifications This post has been built based on the support … Read more