Effect of Electrode Thickness on Cell Energy Density

In Li-ion batteries, the cathode thickness will heavily influence the energy density of the cell. A thicker cathode means there will be more cathode active material in the electrode. This increases the capacity of the electrode and hence increase the energy density of the cell. However, this relationship is not linear. Using the CAMS model, … Read more

Bipolar Battery

bipolar solid state cell

The bipolar battery essentially moves the series connections inside the cell. This brings a number of advantages and significant challenges. This is shown very clearly in the Toyota battery technology roadmap [1]. The expectation from Toyota is to deliver the following benefits in 2027-2028: Gambe et al [2] show the bipolar semi-solid state cell and … Read more

VDA Prismatic Cells

VDA prismatic cells

VDA prismatic cells are based on a standard written by the German automotive industry. VDA stands for Verband der Automobilindustrie (German Association of the Automotive Industry). Prismatic Cells As the name suggests these are a prismatic block, normally with the outer case made from aluminium. Again these come in many different formats and there is … Read more

Aluminium 4680 Cell Can Structural Performance

aluminium 4680 cell case from Speira

Recent industrial and academic studies have shown that aluminium cell housings can provide several benefits in terms of thermal management and gravimetric energy density in particular1,2,3. However, as Cell-To-Pack and Cell-To-Chassis approaches arise the battery cell and therefore, the battery cell housing, become part of the structure of the battery electric vehicle contributing with their … Read more

Cell Expansion

As you charge a cell it expands, when you discharge a cell it contracts and as the cell ages over its lifetime we see a continuing cell expansion. Thus the cell expansion can be divided into: The reversible cell expansion comes from changes in graphite layer spacing associated with different graphite-lithium intercalation compounds induce reversible … Read more

Cell Specifications

What do we need to see on a cell specifications sheet? Of course we need high level data, but I think we need quite a bit more. This is my starter, but I would like to develop this list into a more concise draft for a datasheet. Some of the better datasheets are from Saft … Read more

Benefits of Aluminium Cell Housing for Cylindrical Li-ion Batteries

Benefits of Aluminium Cell Housing for Cylindrical Li-ion Batteries is based on a 4680 cell concept. The battery industry is targeting larger cell formats, which enable simplified module design and cell-to-pack or even cell-to-chassis solutions. In this regard, hard case battery cells and in particular cylindrical cells will play an important role in enabling the … Read more