Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Targets

NASA electrified aircraft

A look at the electrified aircraft propulsion targets. NASA state in their November 2021 presentation that they have the following requirements for the battery pack: The targets at pack level are rather tough: The gravimetric energy density plotted versus total pack energy shows that the automotive packs are currently plateauing around 180Wh/kg. The roadmap to … Read more

Inputs to Pack Sizing

cyantron modules, bms and packs

Lets look at the inputs to pack sizing, what do we need to know in order to size a pack? Usable Energy [kWh] Discharge C-rate or power [Crate or kW] Ambient temperature [°C] Minimum voltage [Vmin] Maximum voltage [Vmax] Cooling power [kW] At the early stage you don’t need to think about total energy, concentrate … Read more

Cell to Pack

Cell to Pack is all about reducing cost and increasing the volumetric density of battery packs. This is primarily aimed at road vehicle battery design. Conventional battery pack design has taken the form: Cell -> Module -> Pack This means we add material to make the module strong enough to be handled, it needs fixings … Read more