CATL 46145 LFP

Not many details of the CATL 46145 LFP cell as yet. However, it’s worth sharing as we know already that CATL are lined up to supply 46xx cells for the 2025 BMW Gen6 packs.

The specifications appear in this CATL document that lists the basic parameters for their UPS Battery Rack System [1].

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CATL 46145 LFP battery cell specifications

Key Features

Gravimetric density = 121Wh/kg

Volumetric density = 266Wh/litre

  • LFP
  • Gravimetric energy density = 121Wh/kg
  • Volumetric energy density = 266Wh/litre
  • Nominal voltage = 3.2V
    • discharge cutoff voltage = 2.5V
    • charge cutoff voltage = 3.6V
  • Nominal capacity = 20Ah
  • Nominal energy = 64Wh
  • Dimensions
    • diameter = 46mm
    • height = 145mm
  • Weight = 0.53kg
  • Chemistry = Lithium Iron Phosphate

An interesting cell, but compares poorly with the BYD FC4680P that is specified at 129Wh/kg and is achieving 147Wh/kg in independent tests. We look forward to reviewing a detailed specification sheet and seeing some independent test results.


  1. Storing Infinite Energy, CATL

the 3 main cell formats: cylindrical, prismatic and pouch

Cell Database

The cell database keeps growing when we find snippets like the details in this article. That allows us to give you the best data possible in an excel sheet.

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