CATL BTF0 161Ah LFP is the cell used in the 55kWh Tesla Model 3 SR pack.

Sandro Stock et al [1] have published a cell teardown and analysis. This gives an insight to the cell characteristics and design. The cell is made by CATL.


  • Chemistry = LFP
  • Nominal = 3.2V
    • 3.65V to 2.5V
  • Capacity = 161Ah
  • Energy =515Wh
  • Weight = 3.1kg
  • Dimensions = 280 × 63 × 82mm
  • ACIR ~ 0.4mΩ

Jan Schöberl et [4]


  • Energy density
    • 166Wh/kg
    • 356Wh/litre
Tesla LFP Cell Assembly
Cell Assembly Schematic – Sandro Stock et al [1]

It has two jelly rolls, vertical aligned jelly roll axis and a height of just 82mm making it very well suited to being base cooled as per the Tesla pack design.


The cell charge rate as installed in the Tesla Model 3 [2] shows a peak of 3C and an average in the 20 to 80% window (vehicle SoC window) of ~1.5C

Tesla LFP charge rate

Note that this 0 to 100% window maps onto 90% of the cell window (based on the usable versus total energy content of the Tesla Model 3 pack).

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Cell Design

Sandro Stock et al [1] give a breakdown of the cell electrode parameters:

Length (m)22.0 (±2%)22.6 (±2%)23.7 (±2%)
Width (mm)67 (±0.1)70 (±0.1)75 (±0.1)
Sheet thickness (μm)200 (±2)148 (±2)13 (±3)
Loading (mg/cm2)22.6 (±0.3)10.7 (±0.2)
Areal capacitya (mAh/cm2)3.44 (±0.05)3.66 (±0.08)
Coating density (g/cm3)2.40 (±0.05)1.50 (±0.04)
Porosity (%)32 (±2)b32 (±2)c
Current collector (CC)AluminumCopper
CC thickness (μm)12 (±1)5 (±1)
CC coating (μm)27 (±2)
CC number4040
CATL161Ah-LFP cells

The latest version of this cell sees the capacity increased to ~174Ah in the same package.


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  2. MIC Tesla Model 3 SR+ Fast Charging Test Reveals Strong Results, InsideEVs

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