Daimler eActros LongHaul

Daimler Trucks unveils for the first time Heavy-duty, Battery-electric eActros LongHaul long Distance Truck.

Range of the truck will be 500km on single charge and can be charged with megawatt charging stations.

Karin Rådström, CEO Mercedes-Benz Trucks: “We are continuously expanding our portfolio of battery-electric trucks. Our focus is on offering clear advantages to our customers. Therefore, our electric trucks are specifically designed for e-mobility, giving them better drivability, energy efficiency and durability.”


  • total energy = 600kWh (using 3 packs in parallel)
    • Packs made by CATL
  • usable energy =
  • peak power ~ 667kW (600kW peak motor power and assuming 90% efficiency)
  • continuous power ~444kW (400kW continuous motor power and assuming 90% efficiency)
  • nominal voltage [V]
  • capacity [Ah]
  • voltage range [V]
  • weight =
  • volume =
  • pack dimensions x,y,z [m]
  • number of cells [#]
  • charge time [minutes] = 30 mins (20% to 80%) @ 1MW charging output station.
  • cooling system
  • cell make and model
    • CATL prismatic LFP (or maybe M3P)
    • CATL Cell to Pack design

Cell to Pack

Cell to Pack is all about reducing cost and increasing the volumetric density of battery packs. This is primarily aimed at road vehicle battery design.

  • cell Chemistry = Lithium-iron phosphate (LFP)
  • pack cost
  • Durability
    • “Its unique battery solutions for commercial vehicles featuring an LFP chemistry system with zero fading within 1500 cycles”

Using these we can ascertain a number of the key pack metrics:

  • Wh/kg
  • Wh/litre
  • W/kg
  • W/litre
  • $/kWh
  • Cell to Pack mass ratio
  • Cell to Pack volume ratio


  1. Daimler Truck And CATL Expand Global Battery Partnership, InsideEVs

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