Battery Calculations Workbook

The Battery Calculations Workbook is a Microsoft Excel based download that has a number of sheets of calculations around the theme of batteries.

The Pack Sizing sheet gives you a simple way to estimate the nominal power capability of a battery pack.

Simple to use with estimates that get you into the right ballpark.


  1. Pack Sizing – enter nominal voltage, capacity and cell internal resistance. Then play with the pack series and parallel configuration to understand maximum power capability, Joule heating and current at cell and pack terminals.
  2. Series and Parallel – look at variations in the pack configuration, outputing voltage ranges, total energy and estimated pack mass.
  3. GenericChem – OCV curves, DCIR generic values and a pack calculator that allows you to compare different cell chemsitry and configurations.
  4. Parts List – a list of parts for a battery pack. For now just a list, but we will expand this to help you even more over time.
  5. Busbar Resistance – calculate the resistance of an aluminium, copper, Hilumin or nickel busbar based on cross-sectional area and length.
  6. PackStats – accounts for variation in cell capacity and from this calculates the minimum pack Ah and kWh
  7. CriticalMats – allows you to select a chemistry and pack total energy and from this estimates the mass of the critical materials. If you enter the value of these per kg then you can estimate total pack value.
  8. ElectrolyteFill – a method for estimating the volume and mass of electrolyte required for different cell designs.

This is version 0.11 of this workbook and it will rapidly improve over the next few weeks, more sheets and more in-depth calculations.

Updates: the price has been kept very low as a single one off purchase at $15. The all access Download Pass is just $25 will give you the option to download any file and any update of the file for 1 year from purchase date. Both these options are for individual access and personal use.

Corporate Download Pass

If you want to use the downloads in a business then we ask that you purchase the corporate download pass. This pass will give you corporate access to all of the downloadable files for 1 year. That includes the Cell and Battery Pack database as well as the Calculations Workbook and all of their updates for 1 year.

Use does not include resale or making the data available to users outside of the company/corporation.