Battery Pack Database

This is an excel file with 685 battery packs listed and 14,279 data points. The file comes as a .xlsx file to allow you to easily download it and open in Microsoft Excel.

The file includes the high level data for a large number of battery packs.

The price has been kept very low to reflect that it is a work in progress. Being able to sell the database gives us the funding to add lots more data.

The data is from:

  • Manufacturers
  • Legislative test reports
  • Research papers
  • Calculations
  • Estimates
  • 3rd party online resources

The data is cross-checked and updated regularly.

The data headings are listed below.

  • Manufacturer
  • Application
  • Year first produced
  • Energy
    • kWhusable
    • kWhtotal
    • SoC Window
  • Voltage
    • Nominal Voltage V
    • Voltage Range Max V
    • Min V
  • Nominal Capacity Ah
  • Power
    • kW10s
    • A10s
    • kWcont
    • Acont
    • Regen Power kW10s
    • DCIR Ohms
  • Charging
    • kWfast 
    • minutes (10-80% SoC)
    • minutes (20-80% SoC)
    • minutes (30-80% SoC)
  • Pack Mass kg
    • Cell Mass kg
    • Pack-Cells kg
    • Cell to Pack Ratio %
  • Pack Dimensions
    • mm (x)
    • mm (y)
    • mm (z)
    • Pack Volume litres
    • IP Rating
  • Cooling
    • litres/minute
    • kW
    • Type
  • Metrics
    • Gravimetric Energy Density Wh/kg
    • Volumetric Energy Density Wh/litre
    • Gravimetric Power Density
      • W10s/kg
      • Wcont/kg
    • Volumetric Power Density
      • W10s/litre
      • Wcont/litre
  • Cell
    • Make
    • Model
    • Format
    • Size
    • Capacity Ah
    • Nom V
    • Energy Wh
    • DCIR Ohms
    • mass kg
    • Wh/kg
  • Pack Configuration
    • s
    • p
  • Materials
    • Aluminium
    • Cobalt
    • Lithium
    • Manganese
    • Nickel

Note: not all fields are complete for every pack. However, this is a substantial dataset that allows you to plot trends and to benchmark your own designs.

The excel file has lots of plots assembled around the side of the table, please do use these as examples.

These plots are often used within to illustrate the website.

battery pack mass versus total energy in the pack for different cell formats

Updates: the price has been kept very low as a single one off purchase at $15. The all access Download Pass is just $25 will give you the option to download any file and any update of the file for 1 year from purchase date. Both these options are for individual access and personal use.

Corporate Download Pass

If you want to use the downloads in a business then we ask that you purchase the corporate download pass. This pass will give you corporate access to all of the downloadable files for 1 year. That includes the Cell and Battery Pack database as well as the Calculations Workbook and all of their updates for 1 year.

Use does not include resale or making the data available to users outside of the company/corporation.