Cell Database

The cell database contains details of 816 cells and 17,022 datapoints. It is in a simple excel spreadsheet format and hence easy to access and use. The headings for the data are:

  • Manufacturer
  • Cell Name
  • Capacity
    • Ah (nom)
    • Ah (min)
  • Voltage
    • Max
    • Nom
    • Min                       
  • Energy
  • Mass
  • Format
  • Chemistry
    • Family
    • Specific
    • Anode
  • Resistance
    • DCIR 10s
    • ACIR
  • SoP
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • Length, Width/Diameter, Height
    • Volume
  • Discharge
    • Ampsmax
    • Ampscont
    • W5s
    • W10s
    • W30s
    • Wcont
    • Max temperature °C
    • Min temperature °C
  • Charge
    • Ampsmax
    • Ampscont
    • W5s
    • W10s
    • W30s
    • Wcont
    • Max temperature °C
    • Min temperature °C
  • Cycles to 70% SoH
  • Metrics
    • Wh/kg
    • Wh/litre
    • W10s/kg
    • Wcontinuous/kg
    • W10s/litre
    • Siemens/Wh
  • Applications
  • Source

The plot shows Volumetric Energy Density plotted versus Gravimetric Energy Density, a typical plot that you can create with this data.

battery cell Wh/litre vs Wh/kg plot

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Corporate Download Pass

If you want to use the downloads in a business then we ask that you purchase the corporate download pass. This pass will give you corporate access to all of the downloadable files for 1 year. That includes the Cell and Battery Pack database as well as the Calculations Workbook and all of their updates for 1 year.

Use does not include resale or making the data available to users outside of the company/corporation.