Ducati V21L Moto E Battery

A look at the Ducati V21L Moto E battery.

The development of the project is already in an advanced stage and is proceeding at a rapid pace towards 2023, the year in which Ducati will take on the role of sole supplier of the FIM MotoE™ World Cup with 18 electric bikes on the track every race weekend.

Ducati V21L


  • total energy = 18.66kWh
  • usable energy = 18kWh
    • Usable SoC = 96%
  • peak discharge power kW10s and kW1s at %
    • 120kW at battery terminals based on 110kW at the motor
  • continuous power
  • charge power = 20kW
  • nominal voltage = 691.2V
  • capacity = 27Ah
  • voltage range = 806V to 480V (480V is based on minimum 2.5V per cell under load voltage)

The entire system is based on a voltage of 800V (with a fully charged battery pack => 4.2V cell maximum voltage)

  • weight [kg] =110kg
    • cells = 79.5kg (based on 69g Molicel P45B)
  • volume pack =
  • pack dimensions =
    • module =
  • number of cells = 1152
    • 192s
    • 6p
Ducati V21L pack S&P options

The easiest way to work out the pack configuration is to look at the options and what we know.

We know that this pack contains 1152 cells, the maximum cell voltage is 4.2V and that the system is described as 800V.

Hence, the obvious solution is 192 cells in series and 6 cells in parallel.

  • charge time = 45 minutes to 80%
  • cell format = 21700
  • cooling system = dedicated liquid cooling system

The prototype components are in fact cooled by a particularly sophisticated and efficient liquid system with a double circuit designed to meet the different thermal needs of the battery pack and the motor/inverter unit .

  • cell make and model
    • Molicel P45B (best fit)

The 18kWh energy capacity of the pack and 1152 21700 cells means that the capacity of each cell is 18000 / 1152 = 15.6Wh. The Molicel P45B has a capacity of 16.2Wh, compared to the Samsung 48X that has a capacity of 17.4Wh

  • pack cost =

Key Pack Metrics:

The cell to pack mass ratio is very high considering this has quite a small capacity and is a structural pack

  • Cell to Pack volume ratio

Other key features:

  • Safety
  • BMS
  • HV Distribution
  • HV and LV Connections
  • Cooling Connections
  • Structural pack design
    • The carbon fibre case of the battery pack also acts as a stressed part of the chassis, like what happens for the Ducati Panigale V4 engine, with an aluminium monocoque Front Frame for the front area weighing 3.7 kg.
  • Case material
    • Carbon Fibre
Ducati V21L
  • Sealing strategy
  • Venting strategy
  • Durability
  • Availability
  • Recycling
  • Shipping


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