Charging Definitions and Glossary

There are so many different terms used around battery charging that we all need a charging definitions and glossary. All arranged A to Z so that you can easily scroll through.

Bank charging – split the pack in two to charge it. Thus an 800V drive pack becomes two 400V packs in parallel for charging.

Boost charging with a CC-CV-CC-CV scheme

Constant Current – Constant Voltage (CC-CV)

Constant Power – Constant Voltage (CP-CV)

Multistage Constant Current – Constant Voltage (MCC-CV)

Pulse charging – charging current is pulsed, could be from minutes to many kHz.

Stepped Constant Current – Constant Voltage (SCC-CV)

BMW iX3 fast charge curve

Stepped Fast Charge Limits – the result of a limited test regime applied by the cell supplier to establish the maximum charge current for the cell.

Variable Current Profile (VCP)

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) – allows the battery in an electric vehicle to put energy back into the electricity grid.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) – allows the battery pack on one vehicle to be used to charge another electric vehicle.