The eScooter and development of the eScooter battery is really insteresting. This 2 wheel vehicle might just be THE electric vehicle.

The eScooter title appears to cover the stand on electrified scooter through to the more powerful sit on elctrified Vespa.

Vinfast Theon S battery

Vinfast Theon S Battery

The original Vinfast eScooters had swappable batteries, however, after a short time these have been upgraded.

Now a fixed battery pack and a move from NMC to LFP chemistry.

Ola eScooter

Ola S1 Pro, Air and X

S1 Pro, Air and X – 2023 (two battery packs 3.98 kWh and 2.98 kWh)

field failure investigation of escooter battery

Investigation of Catastrophic Battery Failures

Reports of e-bike and e-scooters catching fire and exploding while charging is prompting a rethink of safety protocols for lithium ion batteries (LIBs). One important tool for understanding these events is to carry out root cause analysis of the failure.