EV and Hybrid Qualifications

EV and Hybrid Qualifications: High Voltage automotive training comes in several different flavours, and all our courses are made relevant to the work you are going to do using examples and scenarios from our long experience in the real world of vehicle development engineering.

EV and Hybrid Qualifications: High Voltage automotive training

Level 1 is basic hazard awareness and gives you an understanding of why the industry is going EV, ideal for non tech people from valeters, managers, sales personnel etc.

Level 2 is the first level of technician training and covers hazards, charging safety, basic understanding of HV components and has a practical task of safely shutting down and isolating the HV system using the correct methods, PPE and tools. This is ideal for MOT testers, body and paint techs, service techs etc.

We also do a Level 2 course for first responders, vehicle rescue and emergency services focusing on how to shut down and isolate HV systems at the road side and understanding the hazards from damaged vehicles.

Level 3 is the next stage for technicians who want to diagnose HV faults and swap out HV components, the practical tasks include safe shut down and isolations plus removing and refitting a HV battery pack. This is aimed at diagnostic technicians who are fixing and repairing EVs.

Level 4 is where we do live HV work, opening up battery packs to test and repair them, as well as getting a deeper understanding of motors, inverters and other HV parts so you can diagnose and fix them. Aimed at Master Techs and those needing a deeper understanding of EV systems.

We have adapted and delivered these courses for all sectors of the automotive industry, from bikes to buses, we have also adapted and delivered it to university academics, heavy lift drone companies, marine and aerospace companies.

Our training company is Motor Skills Training Ltd. and we are an IMI registered training centre. Qualifications at Level 2 and above allow you to go on to the national TechSafe Register of qualified technicians.

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