Formula E

The Formula E series is designed to push the forefront of EV technology. Hence the specifications get more demanding each year and make a jump in design at each generation. There are now two battery packs that we have explored in detail and a third on the horizon.

Generation 1 2014

The introduction of Formula E started with a pack designed by Williams Advanced Engineering and using an Xalt pouch cell.

Generation 2 2019

Designed by Altieva / McLaren Applied Technologies using the Murata 18650 cell. This was the end of car swapping. Nearly double the energy content of the first generation of pack, but a significant increase in total mass.

Generation 3 2022

The high level specifications for this battery are impressive, a significant improvement in power and energy density. The total energy has dropped, but the mass has dropped significantly. This generation also brings very high charging to the pitlane mid-race.

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