Reply To: SOC estimation industrial state of the art


Hi Emil,
Very interesting thoughts. I’m not an expert as you about all the found methods about the SOC estimation, but I’m used of the coulomb counter. I think it’s difficult to find a good, cheap and reliable method.

If I want to make a new system for a serie production in the next 3 years, I don’t want to take any risk on the SOC estimation. A coulomb counter + OCV corrections is easy to implement. Of course I need to be sure that my system will have some opportunities to relax to get some efficient OCV corrections. Also I’m sure that my system will have one (or more) current sensor and enough computing power for this method.

I can also look for a parallel path during the development to try one other method but most of the time, it’s difficult to find some time to invest into a parallel development path. I’m not an expert here neither, I don’t know if there is many company selling some ready to use system. If you know some, I will be happy to have a look. LEM may be ?