Reply To: SOC estimation industrial state of the art


Hi Meringue,

thank you for your comment – good points. In a way, I interpret it as “CC+OCV” is low-risk and good enough for me. If you say you would need a parallel development track, in the end this means need for improvements over CC+OCV are not as pressing to force a new method development in the primary track…

Replying to your final question, LEM provides current sensors for HV batteries, that provide one of the fundamental inputs for SOC estimation, but not a ready to use system for HV batteries. The fact is SOC estimation depends on measurements from the current sensor as well as the cell monitoring units, it sits in the main BMS controller and needs some knowledge of the cells behaviour. So you need many things and it is not simple to have them all under control unless you are the owner of the whole battery pack. It would be cool though if BMS could be standardized enough that one could provide “plug-and-play” algorithms on the open market 🙂

(P.S.: just to be on the clear: I think is good to be open about my position, but of course in this forum I express my personal opinions, which may or may not reflect those of my employer)