Geely Aegis Short Blade Battery

Look at the data and what we can infer about the Geely Aegis Short Blade battery cell. A blade cell that has an energy density of 192Wh/kg.

  • Chemistry = LFP
    • Nominal Voltage = 3.2V
  • Energy Density = 192Wh/kg
  • Dimensions
    • Length = 580mm
  • Cycle life = 3500
  • Charging
    • 10 to 80% = 17min 4s
Geely Aegis short blade

We know that this cell is destined for the Geely Galaxy E5 and has two pack sizes: 49.52kWh and 60.22kWh. Using these two numbers we can estimate the cell capacity by considering a range for the number of cells arranged in series.

Geely Galaxy E5

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The most likely values, based on the smallest error between resultant cell capacities, are:

  • 159.5Ah
    • 49.52kWh = 97s 1p
    • 60.22kWh = 118s 1p
  • 151.7Ah
    • 49.52kWh = 102s 1p
    • 60.22kWh = 124s 1p
  • 139.4Ah
    • 49.52kWh = 111s 1p
    • 60.22kWh = 135s 1p

What we note is that this is a pack of two halves and hence the most sensible design is for an even number of cells in series.

Hence the capacity of the cell is 151Ah to 152Ah depending on whether we consider the nominal voltage to be 3.2V or 3.22V

This also means we have a mass estimate for the cell of 2.53kg

Do you have more data or references for this cell? Let us know and we can fill in the dataset.


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