Gotion L600 Astroinno

The Gotion L600 Astroinno is an Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) based cell chemistry.

  • 5% lower cost than a conventional LFP
  • 20-25% less expensive than cells NMC

Key Features

  • 240Wh/kg
  • 525Wh/L,
  • cycle life of 4000 (RT)
    • 1800 times at elevated temperature
    • 1800 cycles of 18-minute fast charging (10 to 80% SoC)
  • Mass production 2024

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Safety Data

Gotion state zero thermal propagation [2]. The cell surface is coated with an insulating material.

Gotion state that the cell passes:

  • nail penetration
  • crush
  • thermal runaway
  • hot box
  • over-discharge
  • over-charge
  • short circuit tests

Pack Level

At pack level Gotion are showing a cell to pack design, but has stopped short of the BYD design as they still show 4 module groups.

  • Structural parts reduced by 45%
  • Weight of structure reduced by 32%
  • Wiring harness reduced to 26% of normal pack
  • 190Wh/kg at pack level
  • Volumetric cell to pack ratio of 76%

There are a lot of bold claims for this chemistry and cell from Gotion. This means they have solved a number of issues around LMFP. Until a cell specification sheet and independent test data it is hard to gauge if they can meet the claims.


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