Busbar Manufacturers

Whether the busbars are for the cell to cell interconnects or the main busbars connecting the cells to the contactors, fuses and out to the connectors they all need careful design and manufacture.

Advanced Chemical Etching

ACE busbars

For the very specialist busbars.

Chemical etching can remove metal locally, providing the required thickness at the point of contact with the cell while maintaining maximum cross-sectional area across the remainder of the bus bar to address the current conduction requirements.

ACE can perform a number of added value services that are required when manufacturing certain EV components including metal forming, plating and heat-treating.

Company URL: ace-uk.net

A E Oscroft

A third-generation manufacturing company, established in 1947 by the founder Arthur Edgar Oscroft (AEO). With over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing we pride ourselves with supplying the highest standard of metal stampings, welded assemblies, and assemblies in a diverse range of materials and into various Industries.

Able to prototype and manufacture busbars in aluminium and copper, laser cut, formed and coined to reduce thicknesses for welding.

Company URL: aeoscroft.co.uk


Eaton is a power management company that has been in business for more than 100 years. Eaton acquired Cooper Bussmann in 2012 as an electrical equipment company. Eaton manufactures a wide range of EV fuses.

Company URL: www.eaton.com

HV Wooding


At HV Wooding Limited we specialise in the manufacture of copper and aluminium busbars for electric vehicles, switchgear components, control panels, panel boards, fuse gear, and transformers. We are able to produce a huge variety of bespoke, customised busbars to specification – including powder coating and insulation. We offer a very rapid response service, even with short lead-times using state-of-the-art EHRT Punching & Forming Machines.

Company URL: https://www.hvwooding.co.uk/services/busbar-manufacturing/

Jonver Electronics

Make HV electrical components for electrification: harnesses, fuses, contactors, PCB’s and busbars.

Company URL: http://www.jonver.cn/productlist.aspx?pid=2


Mersen is an electrical component and advanced materials supplier. The company was established as Carbone Lorraine in 1891. With over sixty years of experience in designing custom laminated bus bars, coupled with a global manufacturing and R&D footprint.

Company URL: https://ep-us.mersen.com/

Suzhou Current Power Technology

A leading supplier of electrical connector products, provide all kinds of electrical connection bus and battery module connecting piece, high-pressure boxes and other products and solutions for customers. Products are used in aerospace, high-speed locomotives, new energy vehicles, clean energy inverter system, inverter and other fields.

Company URL: http://www.szcurrent.com/


No matter the required architecture of the energy storage, Trackwise’ IHT can replace conventional wire harnesses and busbars to usher in a functionality that not only reduces weight and space, but can run entire vehicle lengths so removing points of failure. IHT can be designed to your exacting requirements, to withstand harsh environments, to connect with existing applications and be manufactured with financial considerations in mind.

Company URL: https://www.trackwise.co.uk/

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