Fuse Manufacturers

The fuses in a battery pack protect the battery and the other electrical components against high currents. There are special off-the-shelf components similar to 12V starter battery fuses. However, EV fuses are rated for high voltage and traction currents. The following is a list of EV fuse manufacturers.


Adler is a relatively new company established in 2014. The company produces fuses for EVs.

Company URL: http://www.adlerelectric.com/adler/products/list-177-1.html


Eaton is a power management company that has been in business for more than 100 years. Eaton acquired Cooper Bussmann in 2012 as an electrical equipment company. Eaton manufactures a wide range of EV fuses.

Company URL: www.eaton.com

Jonver Electronics

Make HV electrical components for electrification: harnesses, fuses, contactors, PCB’s and busbars.

Company URL: http://www.jonver.cn/productlist.aspx?pid=2


Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC) is an electric component supplier since 1961. The company has started to sell EV fuses in 2008. PEC has a great EV fuse product portfolio and has sold more than 50 billion automotive fuses to date.

Company URL: https://www.pecj.co.jp/en/fuse/


SOC Corporation was established in 1958 and specialized in fuses. SOC provides different fuses for the EV market.

Company URL: https://www.socfuse.com/technical-info-data/ev_fuse/


Mersen is an electrical component and advanced materials supplier. The company was established as Carbone Lorraine in 1891. After acquiring Ferraz Shawmut in 1985, Carbone Lorraine became a fuse supplier as well and the name is changed to Mersen in 2010. Mersen provides a wide range of EV fuse products besides other EV components and assemblies.

Company URL: https://ep-us.mersen.com/