HV System

The High Voltage system associated with a group of cells strung together in series and/or parallel.

HV schematic

The electrical design of the battery pack is associated with fundamental electrical elements. These elements are: Busbars, Contactors, Fuses, pre-charge resistors, current sensors, HV (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) Connectors, and wiring harnesses.

This will cover:

  • Cell electrical interconnects
    • Welded, bolted, sprung and all forms of cell electrical connections
  • Module to module electrical power connections
  • Battery pack electrical connections
  • Distribution board
  • External connectors

For all of these components we need to consider:

  • Electrical resistance
  • Electrical isolation
  • Electrical rating
  • Connection electrical resistance
  • Self heating
  • Heat transmission
  • Creepage and Clearance
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Failure modes
  • Service and maintenance
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Assembly requirements
  • Recycling