Key Minerals in a Battery

Pulling together an estimate of the key minerals in a battery so that we can use this within the Battery Pack Database. That would then allow us to offer a key set of numbers for battery recycling.

minerals in a battery pack

This image has done the rounds of the internet and might be a good place to start with an estimate.

The mass of each element is based on the materials in the cells of a 60kWh pack [1].

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The data for this rather lovely picture appears to be from Statista [2].

key elements in a 60kWh battery pack

Using this as a reference we can then extend this across the wider chemistries, still based on a 60kWh pack.

kg of material in a 60kWh battery pack for a given chemistry

This is just based on the cells in the pack and we know that the cell to pack mass ratio is between 52% and 90%. Hence a lot of components missing: HV busbars, pack enclosure, cooling plates.

The next step is to estimate a few battery packs and use those as reference points.

A ground up chemistry calculation will also be done based on composition.


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