Koenigsegg Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera is a PHEV with a combined power of 1,119kW and uses a 4.5kWh 800V liquid cooled battery. The battery is designed by RIMAC.

Koenigsegg Regera Battery


  • total energy = 4.5kWh (assumption is the energy quoted is total?)
  • usable energy = kWh
    • Usable SoC = %
  • peak discharge power kW10s and kW1s at %
    • 500kW peak (engraved on battery pack nameplates)
  • continuous power [kW]
  • nominal voltage = V
  • capacity = ~3.6Ah (calculated from pack capacity, system voltage and number of cells)
  • voltage range = 480V to 806V

The peak battery voltage is given as 806V and the total number of cells as 384. Thus 192 x 4.2V = 806.4V and hence suggesting that the cell is NMC/NCA and not LFP.

However, Matt Rimac picks up a 26700 cell in his video and just beforehand you can make out the number: AHR26700Ultra and this we believe is the A123 AHR26700-M1-ULTRA-F1. Let us know if you have a spec sheet.

  • weight [kg] = 64kg (dry) 70 to 75kg (with coolant)
    • cells = 39.2kg

The closest 26700 cell I can find weighs 102g, this is probably quite close to the real cell as the density of these cells is quite consistent. The A123 26650 is just 76g and so scaling from this would bring the cell weight down.

  • volume pack = litres
  • pack dimensions [m] =
    • module =
  • number of cells = 384
    • 192s
    • 2p
RIMAC dielectric cooling patent

Patent: WO2022069910A1 [3]

The cooling patent from RIMAC Automobili appears to show the dielectric cooling system for the Koenigsegg Regera. The dielectric enters the module and flows over both ends of the cells before returning over the centre section of the cell and exiting the module.

  • cell make and model A123 AHR26700-M1-ULTRA-F1
    • Using this cell the 384 cells would then give ~3.4kWh of total energy.

If you know the cell make and model then do drop me a line (nigel@batterydesign.net). If you have a specification sheet for this 26700 cell that would be even better to see and just fill in some of the data.

  • pack cost =

Key Pack Metrics:

Other key features:

  • Safety
    • 6 safety layers, details given by Mate Rimac [2]
      • Electronic: voltage, current, temperature management of the cells
      • Cooling system designed to maintain cell temperature
      • Self extinguishing material around cell to stop thermal propagation.
      • In case of runaway of a cell there is thermal material to keep runaway within a module.
      • Venting at pack level to release pressure safely.
  • BMS
  • HV Distribution
  • HV and LV Connections
  • Cooling Connections
  • Structural / non-structural pack
    • Pack is protected by being in the safest volume in the vehicle structure, in the tunnel between the driver and passenger.
  • Case material
    • Carbon Fibre/Composite.
  • Sealing strategy
  • Venting strategy
  • Durability
  • Availability
  • Recycling
  • Shipping


  • Pack designed and assembled by: RIMAC
  • Cell made by: A123


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  3. WO2022069910A1, Battery module and method for cooling the battery module, Google Patents

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