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  • Lithium Rich Manganese
    Lithium Rich Manganese (LRM) has a high specific capacity because of both cationic and anionic redox activity and are expected to be developed and applied as cathode materials for a new generation of high-energy density lithium-ion batteries [1]. Quan Li et al [2] show … Read more
  • 2024 AVATR 12
    The battery pack in the 2024 AVATR 12 is the CATL Qilin, a Cell to Pack design and in this case using NMC chemistry. The battery pack has a total energy of 94.5kWh and is described “Adaptive to DC fast charging piles with … Read more
  • Battery Pack Assembly Bill of Process
    A generic battery pack assembly bill of process that lays out the high level steps and challenges. In this process we are going from incoming battery cells and all sub-systems to tested complete battery pack. 1. Inbound Cells In high volume manufacturing the … Read more
  • Pack Volumetric Energy Density
    The battery pack volumetric energy density is not so easy to pin down when benchmarking as the volume of the envelope is not often given. Sometimes overall dimensions are defined for the packs, but they tend to be maximums and hence don’t with … Read more
  • Comparing Cell Energy Density of Two Chemistries
    This case study will highlight the importance of reporting new electrode active material performance parameters in full cell architectures. It will also discuss the need to understand the limits of different cell chemistries, and why any extrapolation of future performance must take into … Read more
  • Lithium Intensity of Solid-State Batteries
    In the ever-evolving world of lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries (SSB) are seen as the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. In an SSB, the liquid electrolyte used in conventional lithium-ion cells is replaced by a solid electrolyte capable of conducting lithium. There are three … Read more
  • Effect of Electrode Thickness on Cell Energy Density
    In Li-ion batteries, the cathode thickness will heavily influence the energy density of the cell. A thicker cathode means there will be more cathode active material in the electrode. This increases the capacity of the electrode and hence increase the energy density of … Read more
  • Case-studies on Cell Design and Construction using the CAMS model
    This post is a compilation of three separate case-studies covering battery cell design and construction. The data and analysis for these case-studies was carried out using the Faraday Institutions CAMS model. CAMS was designed to rapidly assess the potential energy density of different … Read more
  • Cybertruck 48V Auxiliary Battery vs. 12V & 16V
    Recently, Caresoft did a video with the Autoline Network Youtube channel regarding Tesla’s design evolution, in this video they also discuss & compare various low voltage batteries i.e. auxiliary batteries from various vehicles. So let’s discuss the interesting insights shared there. 12V Ford … Read more
  • Investigation of Catastrophic Battery Failures
    This Investigation of Catastrophic Battery Failures looks at field failures of lithium ion batteries in devices such as e-scooters and e-bikes. This is a summary of: Holloway, J.; Maharun, M.; Houmadi, I.; Remy, G.; Piper, L.; Williams, M.A.; Loveridge, M.J. Developing Preventative Strategies … Read more
  • Cybertruck Battery Pack Structural Analysis
    The Munro Live Youtube channel tore down a Cybertruck vehicle below are some insights and highlights for the vehicle’s battery pack. The Cybertruck battery pack uses Tesla’s 2nd generation 4680 form factor cells and the battery pack also is a structural element of … Read more
  • Tesla Cybertruck Battery
    The Tesla Cybertruck Battery is an interesting design as a lot of elements are developed from the 4680 based Model Y. In the previous post we looked at the battery to body structure around the Cybertruck. Note: huge thanks to Munro Live and … Read more
  • Tesla Self-Activated Draining System
    The Tesla Self-Activated Draining System was patented some time ago, but this simple mechanical device is still being used in the latest Cybertruck. A method of managing leakage of liquid inside a battery system comprises: containing leaking liquid in a non-liquid sensitive region … Read more
  • Kalman Filter
    This content aims to deliver a simple example of the use of the Kalman Filter without mentioning complex mathematics, further linking to the battery state estimation problems. Imagine that we are pilots in a manual aircraft flying in a one-dimension direction, delivering a … Read more
  • Thermal Runaway Modeling and Calibration of an LFP Battery Cell
    This post presents an example of the Thermal Runaway Modeling and Calibration of an LFP Battery Cell using the ARC device, the HWS test protocol and Simcenter Amesim. An abuse test is the most direct way to challenge the thermal stability limits of a Li-ion cell … Read more
  • Impact of Formulation and Slurry Properties on Lithium-ion Electrode Manufacturing
    The impact of formulation and slurry properties on lithium-ion electrode manufacturing is significant. The combination of materials in the electrodes, including the active material, conductive additive, and binders, plays a crucial role in determining the characteristics and performance of LIBs. Dr. Carl Reynolds, … Read more
  • 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV
    The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV uses the Ultium battery pack design. This pack goes across a number of the vehicles in GM’s stable and we covered an overview of the design 18 months ago. The basic premise is to use one pouch cell … Read more
  • Bipolar Battery
    The bipolar battery essentially moves the series connections inside the cell. This brings a number of advantages and significant challenges. This is shown very clearly in the Toyota battery technology roadmap [1]. The expectation from Toyota is to deliver the following benefits in … Read more
  • 2024 Battery Roadmaps
    A look at the 2024 Battery Roadmaps and perhaps the direction that the battery and application industry are moving towards. The data has been taken from the last half of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024. 2 years ago we plotted a … Read more
  • Tesla Cybertruck Battery Structure
    A look at the Tesla Cybertruck battery structure and integration into the body. Previously we looked at the TESLA CYBERTRUCK and Battery Pack in terms of specifications. Would be good to see how the body and pack work together in side pole crash? … Read more
  • Vinfast Theon S Battery
    The Vinfast Theon S battery for the electric 2 wheeler from Vietnam. The original version had swappable battery packs that used Samsung 21700 NCA cells. In 2022 VinFast changed the design to a fixed Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) pack that uses LFP prismatic … Read more
  • Cold Temperature Charge / Discharge
    What are the Cold Temperature Charge / Discharge limitations and mechanisms? At cold temperatures lithium ion cells suffer from a significant decrease in available capacity. The DCIR of the cell increases significantly as the temperature decreases. Significantly reducing the available peak and continuous … Read more
  • Cell Component Mechanical Tests
    Cell component mechanical tests are extensive and required in order that a more detailed understanding of how the cells behave can be established. The battery cell is a complex: chemistry, electrical, thermal and mechanical system. Cycle ageing is seen as a deteriation in … Read more
  • Relaxation delta Voltage
    We see Relaxation delta Voltage (RdV) as a safety diagnostic that can be used in a number of areas. LG Energy Solutions describe it as a technique used to find micro internal short circuits in cells [1]. Showing a cell with a Hard … Read more
  • Measuring Specific Heat Capacity
    Specific heat capacity (Cp) is a fundamental physical property that describes the amount of heat required to change the temperature of a substance by a given amount, typically per unit mass. Expressed in units like joules per kilogram per degree Celsius (J/kg°C) or … Read more
  • OLA S1 E-Scooter
    Ola S1 E-Scooter are the number one selling scooters in India in the electric 2 wheeler market. In 2023 Ola sold 252,647 units (till dec21). Ola S1 comes in three models: Ola S1 Pro, S1 Air and S1X. In this article we will … Read more
  • Drone Battery Requirements
    What is different about the operation of a drone and hence what does this mean in terms of battery requirements? For a drone we are meaning an unmanned drone as used for photography or surveillance. The fundamental parameters are: This post has been … Read more
  • Performance Analysis of an Integrated BEV Thermal Management
    Fast introducing battery electric vehicles to the market leads to the accumulation of errors and recalls of the vehicle. It can be avoided by simulating battery electric vehicles (BEV) in an integrated manner. Electric vehicle thermal management is key in optimal performance of … Read more
  • Safety Concept
    When designing a battery pack / system it is important to think about and describe the safety concept. This needs to be considered in a systematic way and needs to cover: In each of these we need to look at the lifetime of … Read more
  • Electric Vehicle Range Calculator
    Small and fun calculator to calculate your electric vehicle range. Input your battery capacity, State of charge(SOC) and vehicle efficiency Wh/km. For vehicle efficiency see the article below. The formula for EV range calculation below is SOC*Battery Usable Energy in kWh divide by … Read more