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  • Things about Solid State Packaging that you are often not told

    This is a follow-up to “10 things about SSBs that you are often not told”, January 10, 2023 Author Dr. Simon Madgwick of Nuvvon Inc. In “10 things about SSBs that you are often not told”, number 9 was a brief explanation of Packaging, with the promise of a subsequent post. Although this is a lengthy … Read more

  • Pouch Cell Design and Edge Cooling

    Looking at the pouch cell design and edge cooling evolution allows us to appreciated the importance of battery cell electro-thermal behaviour. Fundamentally pouch cells are made from multiple layers of active material all applied to copper and aluminium electrodes that are sandwiched and compressed together. The copper and aluminium electrodes have very good in-plane thermal … Read more

  • Rivian R1T Battery Pack Benchmarking

    In this Article you will the details about the Rivian R1T Battery pack and Module Construction, Standard Specification, Key Pack Metrics.