LG E66a

The LG E66a pouch cell is used in the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the 2019 Porsche Taycan that shares the same platform.

Key features

  • NMC712
  • 259Wh/kg
  • 648Wh/litre
  • 1160W/kg
  • 2900W/litre

Designed to meet

  • Safety:
  • Transport: UN38.3
  • Quality:
  • Nominal Capacity = 64.6Ah
    • Minimum capacity = 63.5Ah
  • Nominal Voltage = 3.657V
  • Nominal Energy = 237.7Wh
    • Minimum energy = 232.2Wh
  • Maximum voltage = 4.2V
  • Cutoff voltage = 2.5V
  • Maximum continuous discharge = 410W
    • 682W based on continuous power rating of 2019 Porsche Taycan
    • max continuous current = 121A[1]
  • Maximum pulse discharge = 1040W
    • 1162W based on 2019 Porsche Taycan
    • max pulse current = 297A[1]
  • Maximum charge = 167A[4]
    • 682W based on 2019 Porsche Taycan charge power
  • Operating temperature range = °C
  • Storage temperature range °C
  • Cycle life


  • L: 350mm
  • W: 11.7mm
  • H: 350mm
  • Volume: 0.426litres
  • Mass: 0.897kg

Note that this cell has a single piece outer wrap and the tabs have been moved towards the bottom of the cell. These two features significantly improve the ability to manage the cell temperature during charge and discharge.

Pouch Cell Design and Edge Cooling

Test data

  • Maximum discharge current =
  • Short circuit current = A
  • ACIR
  • DCIR = 1.37mΩ at 50% SoC and 25°C

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Safety data

Independent safety tests of the cell.

External Short Circuit
Forced Discharge
Temperature Cycling
Low Pressure
Nail Penetration
External Heat

Known Applications


A very impressive cell that is used in the 800V Porsche Taycan and shared with the Audie-tron GT. However, it is difficult to find much data on this cell and thus we will be updating this page resularly.

Note: if you have tested this cell independently and able to share data please contact us nigel@batterydesign.net


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