Refinement of the raw materials, through cell assembly and finally to battery pack the manufacturing process is complex and requires a broad range of skills.

cell manufacture schematic

Cell Manufacturing Process

In order to engineer a battery pack it is important to understand the fundamental building blocks, including the battery cell manufacturing process. This will allow you to understand some of the limitations of the cells and differences between batches of cells. Or at least understand where these may arise.

Cell manufacturing equipment

Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Cell manufacturing covers a lot of specialist areas and hence there is a range of equipment suppliers.

Cell Testing

When assembling cells into a module, pack or directly into a product there are a number of tests that need to be done to ensure quality control.

Module Manufacture

End of Line Testing – the module needs to have a number of checks, including: OCV, DCIR, BMS slave tests.

Pack Manufacture

End of Line Testing – once the battery pack is assembled it is important that a number of tests are done to check it’s safety, status, mechanical integrity and operation. Some tests will be run on every pack, whereas other more in-depth tests will be just run on a few random packs.