Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Cell manufacturing covers a lot of specialist areas and hence there is a range of equipment suppliers. The cell manufacturing process is laid out in 14 steps covering everything from mixing chemicals, dryers, printing and electrical testing. This then breaks down again, requiring equipment and supporting equipment, building infrastructure and software.

Here we have listed the equipment suppliers from A to Z. If you think any are missing then please comment or drop us a line (Nigel).


ABB with its long experience in automation, robotics, manufacturing operations software and digital services can guide and support you with Smart Manufacturing solutions

Company URL: abb.com


Automation solutions provider to many of the world’s most successful companies. Experience in cell production covers: Welding, Formation, aging and testing, Filling, Web handling and processing, Vision Systems, Full factory MES systems, Planning, reliability engineering and OEE improvement.

Company URL: atsautomation.com


Precursor and active material grinding, continuous electrode slurry production and batch slurry production machines.

Company URL: buhlergroup.com


Mixing machines for slurry production.

Company URL: eirich.com


Greatech designs and builds custom traditional and solidstate cell manufacturing equipment. Cylindrical, pouch and prismatic Cell inspection, modules and pack assembly equipment for both EV and energy storage industry in both USA and Europe.

Our design experience and capabilities: Cell Tester and Sorter, Material Handling and Assembly System, Dispensing and Curing System, Battery Pack Assembly, Conveyor and handling system.

Company URL: greatech-group.com


Production solutions for lithium-ion battery cells and battery modules.

Company URL: manz.com

JR Automation

JR Automation has years of engineering experience with battery and energy storage applications. Our team of expert engineers works with you to design the best solution for your needs, using the latest technology to help you achieve your goals.

Assembly, Material handling, Joining, Cell test and load, Measurement, Conveyor, Automated guided vehicles (AGV), Operator-assisted stations, Inspection and testing.

Company URL: jrautomation.com

Kleinknecht & Co. GmbH

A general supplier for testing technology, machine tools, and automation drive systems for industrial plants, mechanical engineering, and logistics.

Company URL: kleinknecht.de


Manufacturing robotics systems. Testing & stacking, Cell Contacting System, End-of-Line Tests, Modularity, Traceability

Company URL: kuka.com


Cell formation equipment.

Company URL: maccor.com


Slurry mixers and coating machines.

Company URL: rheonics.com


Complete battery cell production systems.

Company URL: thyssenkrupp-automation-engineering.com/en/battery-industry


Maximum weighing precision and zero contamination: Tailor-made system concepts and processing technology for top product purity.

Company URL: zeppelin.com