Cell Manufacturing

Cell manufacturing is one part of the battery manufacturing chain, but perhaps one of the most difficult parts. The first three sections on this page look at: The Process, Strategy and Capex.

cell manufacture schematic

Cell Manufacturing Process

In order to engineer a battery pack it is important to understand the fundamental building blocks, including the battery cell manufacturing process. This will allow you to understand some of the limitations of the cells and differences between batches of cells. Or at least understand where these may arise.

Impact of Formulation and Slurry Properties on Lithium-ion Electrode Manufacturing
Impact of Formulation and Slurry Properties on Lithium-ion Electrode Manufacturing
The combination of materials in the electrodes, including the active material, conductive additive, and binders, plays a crucial role in determining the characteristics and performance of LIBs.

Cell Manufacturing Strategy

In order to develop cell manufacturing you need a cell manufacturing strategy. This needs to be thought through from access to the raw materials, workforce development, long term financial support and ensuring you have ongoing research. This requires sustained leadership and direction.

pie chart showing breakdown in cell manufacturing capex costs

Lithium Battery Manufacturing Equipment CAPEX

A range of $36m to $80/GWh is a significant investment. Therefore it is useful to understand where that goes.

1/3 of this capex is for formation and aging.

This is a huge subject area and hence we will be adding posts and links on this subject as we develop this area further.

energy consumption Yuan et al

Energy Required to Make a Cell

The cell manufacturing process requires 50 to 180kWh/kWh.

Note: this number does not include the energy required to mine, refine or process the raw materials before they go into the cell manufacturing plant.

Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Cell manufacturing covers a lot of specialist areas and hence there is a range of equipment suppliers.

Cell manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing Process and Chemistry

We have looked at the traditional Lithium Ion cell manufacturing process. Here we start to look at the different chemistries and some of the updates in terms of dry electrodes and solid state.

Sodium Ion Cell Manufacturing Process

A look at the Sodium Ion Cell Manufacturing Process, but perhaps more usefully a look at the differences compared to the lithium based cell manufacturing processes.

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