Sealing needs to be considered across the components and at a system level. There are so many aspects of the pack where we need to consider sealing:

  • cell can/case
  • HV contactors
  • cooling system
  • HV and LV connectors
  • pack enclosure

All of these are trying to keep something inside and/or stop dust, gas or liquids entering.

Cooling System

It is really important that any liquid cooling system is sealed as most coolant fluids do not mix well with High Voltage ssytems.


IP Ratings or Ingress Protection ratings are designed to rate and grade the resistance of enclosures of electric and electronic devices against the intrusion of dust and liquids. Plus how easy it is for individuals to access the potentially hazardous parts within the enclosure. 

The Tesla Self-Activated Drain Plug operates if coolant leaks inside the battery pack. The coolant causes the component in the plug to swell and operate against the spring loaded plug.

Tesla Self-activated draining system