MG Rubik’s Cube Battery

The SAIC MG Rubik’s Cube battery is an interesting battery pack design. A rectangular and flat section pack designed to work in the Nebular vehicle platform. This platform covers a lot of vehicles from A-class to D-class and saloon, SUV, MPV and sports.


MG4 electric vehicle
MG Rubik’s Cube Battery here shown in the MG4
  • System voltage
    • initially 400V
    • designed to be upgraded to 800V later
  • Dimensions
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height: three height options 110mm, and the other 125mm and 137mm
  • Cooling:
    • Liquid cooling
    • Applied to base of the prismatic cells
    • Cells both sides of coolant plates

Using both sides of the coolant plate halves the are of coolant plates required compared to having all of the cells arranged vertically.

MG Rubik's Cube Battery
  • Structure
    • two longitudinal beams creating three north-south cell bays
    • pack frame perimeter mounting points
    • 4 through pack fixings into body structure
MG rubiks cube battery attachment points
  • Safety
    • equipped with a “zero thermal runaway” protection system, which is designed in line with the European five-star safety standard and can provide multiple protections for the battery
  • Charging
    • able to support future BaaS (Battery as a Service) battery swap systems
  • BMS
    • The integrated service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables vehicles to receive over-the-air (OTA) updates throughout their lifecycle.


  • Supplier: SAIC Ningde Yikong Power System Co

Not sure if this company is a joint venture with SAIC as it appears as: Ningde Yikong Power System Co and as SAIC Ningde Yikong. If you know more about this cell manufacturer please drop us a line.

  • Format: Prismatic
  • Chemistry: NMC and LFP

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