Modelling Software

We couldn’t really split the modelling software up into the different areas, hence we decided to create a searchable table. Please drop us a line of software packages that should be added here.

NameDescriptionURLSolvesApplication LevelCost
Ansysbattery simulation gets the results you need from electrochemistry to electrode, cell, module, pack and system and the coupling of different physics, electrical, thermal, mechanical, safety, controlChemistry, Cell, Module, Pack$$$
BatPacA Spreadsheet Tool to Design a Lithium Ion Battery and Estimate Its Production Cost, financialPackFree
BESTsoftware environment for the physics-based three-dimensional simulation of lithium-ion batteries
CAEBATNREL has developed software tools to help battery designers, developers, and manufacturers create affordable, high-performance lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for next-generation electric-drive vehicles (EDVs)., thermal, electrochemical, safetyCell, Module, Pack?
cideMODsolves DFN physicochemical equations by Finite Element methods using FEniCS library. It enables doing physics-based battery simulations with a wide variety of use cases, from different drive cycles to characterization techniques., electrical, thermalChemistry, CellFree
ComsolThe Battery Design Module is an add-on to the Multiphysics software that encompasses descriptions over a large range of scales, from the detailed structures in the battery’s porous electrode to the battery pack scale including thermal management systems., thermal, electrochemicalChemistry, Cell, Module$$$
DandeLiionan ultra-fast solver for electrochemical models of planar lithium-ion cells and thermal-electrochemical models of three-dimensional composite pouch cells. It solves models of the form first described by Doyle, Fuller, and Newman, electrical, thermalChemistry, Cell, ModuleFree
GT-AutoLionused by cell designers and OEMs to predict performance, degradation, and safety for any Lithium-ion cell. It predictively models the electrochemical processes within Lithium-ion cells using a fast and reliable, electrochemical, physics-based approach, thermal, electrical, safetyChemistry, Cell, Pack?
Mathworks SimScape Batterycreate digital twins, run virtual tests of battery pack architectures, design battery management systems, and evaluate battery system behavior across normal and fault conditions., thermal, controlCell, Module, Pack$$
MPETsimulations of batteries with porous electrodes using porous electrode theory, which is a volume-averaged, multiscale approach to capture the coupled behavior of electrolyte and active material within electrodes
MSMDThe expandable, modular, and flexible architecture connects the physics of battery charge/discharge processes, thermal control, safety, and reliability in a computationally efficient manner., electrical, thermal, safety, controlChemistry, Cell?
PyBaMMsolves physics-based electrochemical DAE models by using state-of-the-art automatic differentiation and numerical solvers., thermal, electrochemical, controlCell, ChemistryFree
Simcenter STAR-CCM+a multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for the simulation of products operating under real-world conditions, thermal, mechanical, electrochemicalChemistry, Cell, Module, Pack$$$