Module / Pack Manufacturers

Even with the move towards Cell to Pack designs there is and will be a huge demand for battery modules. Hence a need to list the module manufacturers. However, there is a fine line sometimes between the module and pack designs.

There are a number of cell manufacturers who also make modules. However, it would be great if we can list the other module manufacturers.



cyantron modules, bms and packs

High performance EV batteries for low and high voltage applications. BIS certified NMC and LFP cells, special assembly line for 48V 110Ah lithium batteries for E-Baja.

Own BMS hardware and able to supply cells through to complete packs.

Application areas: 48V drive batteries, vehicles, grid storage, solar storage

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FREY module

With the wide selection of sizes, you are able to configure your own pack quickly and easily using Frey’s lithium-ion phosphate battery modules. The transparent design allows you to easily check or replace a single cell. It is ideal for OEMs who desire to design and build their own quality battery packs in bulk efficiently.

Application areas:

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HyperDrive Innovation

UK based module manufacturer: Connect modular packs in series for systems up to 630V, compatible with a range of chargers, scale up capacity without additional controllers IP55, UN Certified – approved for global shipping, proven automotive quality and global high volume supply.

Application areas:

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LG Chem, Samsung

LiTech Power

LiTech Power is dedicated to provide OEM /custom-made Battery Solutions, developing and producing
Li-ion Batteries, LiFePO4 Batteries and LTO batteries.

Application areas: industrial equipment, medical devices, e-mobility, household applications, UPS system, ESS, Telecom and military applications.

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SixPack Battery Technology Co, Ltd  

sixpack energy

Sixpack specializes in custom batteries for leaders from various industries including light vehicles, electronic equipment, industrial vehicles, medical devices and power storage.

Application areas: 

  • Custom battery pack
  • Home energy storage system
  • UPS, Solar ESS
  • Lithium replace lead-acid batteries
  • Prototype and BMS solution

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Steatite modular battery packs are meticulously designed for reliable continuous daily usage in harsh environments where shock, vibration, and varying temperatures are likely to be experienced.

Application areas: Oil & Gas, Oceanographic, Autonomous & Robotics, Industrial OEM

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sunwoda module

Prismatic, pouch and cylindrical based modules using Sunwoda cells.

Application areas: pure electric and hybrid buses and medium-sized buses, such as buses, city buses, business buses, commuters, ferries, cleaning vehicles, etc.

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Turntide Technologies

turntide technologies modular batter

Based on AESC cell.

  • Designed for rapid deployment and volume manufacture
  • Modular design provides a flexible and scalable battery solution, achieving voltage and capacity
  • High energy density provides more energy in less space
  • In-built BMS with CAN communications to enable optimized charging and operation
  • Voltage range of 48V to 630V
  • 4.97kWh to 700kWh+
  • Air cooled and fan cooled
  • Energy density 164Wh/kg

Application areas: construction, buses, trucks, cars, material handling, motorbikes, agriculture

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Zhongrui Green Energy Technology

ZRGP Power Prismatic Module

Manufacturer and supplier of BMS, ESS, modules and monitoring systems. Based on LFP cells and uses CAN communications. A range of module sizes to suit applications.

Application areas: backup power supply, solar energy storage, buses.

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