OLA S1 E-Scooter

Ola S1 E-Scooter are the number one selling scooters in India in the electric 2 wheeler market. In 2023 Ola sold 252,647 units (till dec21). Ola S1 comes in three models: Ola S1 Pro, S1 Air and S1X. In this article we will see benchmarking of OLA battery pack for S1. S1 air and X share the same the battery pack so I will put them together. ( Though Ola recently also announced a S1X with 4kWh same as S1 Pro )

Official Website for more details: OLA electric.

Ola is building its gigafactory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. It will be of 1.4 GWh to begin with and expand to 5GWh. This factory will predominantly Ola internally developed 4680 cells. Today however Ola mostly uses LG Chem 21700 cells.

21700 cells OLA S1 PRO Battery Pack

OLA Future 4680

Specifications of OLA S1

SpecificationsS1 ProS1 Air & X
Total Energy
Usable Energy (kW)3.982.98 (NMC)
3.02 (NCA)
Usable SoC %
Peak Discharge Power (kW)116
Continuous Power
Charge Power
Nominal Voltage (V)51.851.8 (NMC)
50.4 (NCA)
Maximum Voltage (V)58.858.8
Minimum Voltage (V)3535
Battery pack Capacity (Ah)76.857.6 (NMC)
60 (NCA)
Battery Pack Configuration14s16p14s12p
Total number of cells224168
battery pack weight (kg)19.53 (NMC)
19.86 (NCA)

Battery Replacement Ola S1 Pro (Youtube Video Video 1 – Shubham Tech Battery replacement Ola S1 and video 2 – Mastermind Tech)

Key E-Scooter specs Range, Charging Speed

SpecificationsS1 ProS1 Air & X
Range (km – Eco Mode)180125
Certified Range (km)195151
Charging Time (hrs) home6.57.4
Charging TypePortable 750WPortable 500W
Top Speed (km/hr)12090
0 to 40 km/hr (sec)2.63.3
0 to 60 km/hr (sec)4.55.5 (S1 Air)
5.7 (S1 X)
Motor Power Nominal (kW)5.52.7

Battery and Cell Specifications

Source: Zigwheels article.

SpecificationsS1 ProS1 Air & X
Battery pack configuration14s16p14s12p
Cell ChemistryNMC811NMC811 (LG)
Cell manufacturerLG chemLG Chem and BAK
Total Number of Cells224168
battery pack weight (kg)19.53 (NMC)
19.86 (NCA)
Cell Nominal Voltage (V)3.73.7 (NMC)
3.6 (NCA)
Cell capacity (Ah)4.8 Ah (most likely)4.8 Ah (more likely)
5 Ah (NCA)
Cell energy density (Wh)1818
Cell Weight (kg)67.5 grams approx67.5 grams
Total cell weight (kg)15.12 kg11,34 kg (NMC)
Cell Type21700 (maybe)21700 (maybe)

Source: Rushlane

OLA S1 AIR homolageted with two battery manufacturers (LG and BAK )and chemistry (NMC and NCA)

Key Pack Metrics

Key Pack MetricsS1 ProS1 Air &X
Gravimetric Energy Density, Pack Wh/kg152.6Wh/km (NMC)
152 .3 Wh/km (NCA)
Gravimetric Energy Density, Cell Wh/kg266 Wh/kg (Approx)266 Wh/kg (NMC)
Volumetric Energy Density, Pack Wh/litre
Volumetric Energy Density, Cell Wh/litre742 Wh/litre (Approx)742 Wh/litre (NMC)
Estimate cost ($/kWh)$264/kWh$269/kWh
Battery Pack Replacement cost$1053/Rs 87,298$803/Rs 66,549
Cell to pack Ratio58%

Source: Twitter post.

Safety Features

  • Passive Air Cooling but battery made out of special plastic material (apparently 5 to 6 times thermal conductivity to normal plastic). plastic is chosen instead of Aluminium to keep the weight of the vehicle down.
  • 25 sensors with BMS to measure Voltage, current etc. Metal Panel cover to dissipate heat.
  • The Battery pack are all IP67 rating.

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